“To bring warmth to every home, to every family, and to every culture and conquer love.”

Pretty Handsome Paws brings people from all walks of life together by sharing a unique love for French and English Bull dogs. Our English and French Bull dogs are carefully cared for from the moment they come out of the womb, until given to the perfect family or home. We are surely passing on a member of our family to yours. We match families with quality bullies that will bring joy and a unique experience of owning a cherished breed that will indeed become your family. We see our four legged friends as a way to bring people together as they are indeed all of “our best friends”. We care for the pups as if they were our own. Bringing bullies to families are a sign of hope for everyone and we are surely passing on a member of our family to yours. Handsome Paws will assure you top quality peer breaded Bullies. From our home to yours we want you to be apart of the our family at Pretty Handsome Paws

English & French Bullies For Sale

High-quality English & French bulldog puppies available for sale today. Vet-checked 100% healthy.


Pretty Handsome Paws are one of the purest breeding companies I know from the care of the puppies all the way to the handling of them I am very happy I added my Dior (French Bully) to my family.
Steward Family
Pretty Handsome Paws gave me not only a addition but happiness every since Titus (English Bully) I’ve been at peace.
Pretty Handsome Paws they’re more than a breeding company they’re family from the love they showed my family and I too the care of the puppy I added to my family I believe in Pretty Handsome Paws.
Jacobs Family

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